• Electronics (computers, cameras, audio equipment, electronic media)
  • Collectibles (antiques, art work, family photos)
  • Personal items (heirlooms, clothing, books, history records)
  • Documents (business and personal)
  • Household items (furniture, tools, bulk food/paper products
  • Maximize your space by using shelving (especially for awkward shaped items)
  • Place items in boxes that stack (the same size box and plastic is best)
  • Fill boxes so that items don’t shift or are crushed by boxes stacked on top
  • Stack boxes according to weight and size (heavy boxes on the bottom)
  • Boxes with fragile items go on top
  • Label the boxes with their contents
  • Use an aisle (so you can access stored items that may be in the back)
  • Inventory items

It's understandable that you don't put much thought into self-storage, at least until you need it. When you do, it's good to know the storage company you call has a long standing reputation for being honest and dependable. Three Points Storage happens to be that company because the parent company of Three Points Storage is Blackwell's, Inc., and we've been here on Hill Street for a long time.

There are many reasons for using self storage

Storage items that benefit from a controlled climate

Storage tips

Locally operated, we provide services you may not find here in Lagrange, including assistance moving your storage items into one of our climate-controlled storage units. We're as professional and knowledgeable as they come.

  •  2 full beds
  • 2 dressers
  • 2 chests
  • 1 sofa
  • 1 recliner
  • 1 dining table and 4 chairs
  • 10 boxes (24 X 24 X 24 in.)
  • 1 piano

And you would still have room for a 3 ft. asile down the middle!

Regardless of the reason, the self-storage rental units at Three Point Storage are large, easily accessible, and secure. Three Points Storage units are climate controlled units and are kept at environmental temperatures between 55°F and 85°F. This means that valuable and environmentally sensitive equipment, personal items, and documents would benefit from climate controlled storage. Being enclosed in a climate controlled building means these self-storage units are better able to protect your stored items from dust, pests, humidity, and temperature changes.

The storage units at Three Points Storage are 10  X  16.5 ft. There's a lot you can store in a space that big. For instance if you wanted, you could store:

  • Free up office space and floor space

  • Security for important documentation

  • Temporary storage of belongings after a death or divorce

  • Newly married couples may have too much stuff between the two of them

  • Home renovations may require temporary furniture storage

  • Items stored may need a constant temperature and humidity

  • Convenient storage site for multiple family use

  • Storage for unneeded items

  • Relocation from one area to another

  • Small business inventory

  • Storage of seasonal items/decorations